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Version206 Mail

Email and sms marketing

V206 Mail is an e-mail and SMS marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MS CRM).
Designed specifically for MS CRM, it is an intuitive and simple solution for engaging with your customers.

How do we differ from other solution providers?

Version206 provides a cost effective solution that focusses heavily on our individual clients' needs. This starts by providing you with a unique e-mail server to facilitate white-listing at major e-mail service providers, setting up a dedicated e-mail and marketing domain, creating Web forms and HTML templates specific to your needs and finally reviewing e-mail responses and finding ways to maximise email delivery at major recipients and ESP's.

Each client is different. Each client has different needs and requires individual attention. V206 Mail provides a solution and service that makes us the ideal partner to impress your customers.

At its core the following services are provided:

  • Unique e-mail servers for optimal reputation and deliverability.
  • Bulk emails with multiple attachments as well as image and file hosting.
  • Whitelisting & deliverability performance reviews.
  • Tracking of e-mails opened, links clicked, non-deliverables.
  • Customizable recipient rating (who is and who isn't engaging with you).
  • Customized list subscription management.
  • E-mail and web template customization to meet your company's designs.
  • Domain registration and management.
  • Surveys, RSVP, web leads - just about any interaction you need with your customers.

We can tell you about how great our product is, or you can find out for yourself!


Version206 VFORMS

Version206 VForms is an incredible tool for allowing your customers to communicate with you.

VForms allow instant creation of web pages for capturing data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With VForms you can create and publish web pages within a couple of minutes to capture any standard or custom record type in your organization. This ability is available to non-technical users for basic pages and can easily be extended for more complex web pages.

Capture leads, surveys, campaign responses, subscription management, or any other record type you have created in MS CRM.

For additional documentation, pricing or information, please complete this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Version206 Analytics

Version206 Analytics is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on which compliments our email solution and allows companies to provide advanced tracking of user interaction with a web site.

Using web analytics and smart IP technologies, a web site administrator can see which

  • web pages were visited.
  • duration of each web page visit.
  • country, region, city or organisation of visitor.
  • browser used.
  • mobile client or pc.

If coupled with Version206 mail, you can even track the specific contact or lead that visited.

This information can be captured within MS CRM and used to further specialise your marketing lists